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About Us

Our music roots...

Music has been a part of us as long as we can remember. Trey has been a musician since he was a small child and his love for music has grown with him. Clair has always gone about singing her heart away, sometimes subconsciously! From the time she was tiny her mom has called her the little song-bird. Our music is for everyone! It doesn't matter the age, the class, or the place. Our hearts are to share music from deep within ourselves that anyone can connect with. We have a very unique style that is hard to pin down into a genre as we have such a love for many styles of music. Some have said we pick the best of everything and mesh it all together into one! We're glad you're here and can't wait to share our music with you! Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or to schedule your concert or event!

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