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Campfire Tour 2019

Sooooo.... We are pretty excited to announce that this Fall we are doing a...

⛺️🍁🔥 CAMPFIRE TOUR!! 🔥🍁⛺️

You may be wondering exactly what that means....

Basically, it’s where you host an event in your back yard, your local state park, your church, etc. You can have a campfire going, provide snacks, etc. and we will bring the music! And guess what???! We will be doing singalong style plus a few of our own original songs. You can choose from old fashioned cowboy songs, church camp style singalongs, etc., or if you would rather us do all the singing that’s fine too! If it doesn’t work for you to host the event outdoors you can just have a creative campfire theme going on indoors!. 👌

Think about what a memorable time it could be with your friends and family gathered around a campfire this fall. 🍂

We will be in Southern Ohio for most of September and October but we do have a limited amount of spots available for elsewhere during that time and will be back in the Southern Illinois area in November. So contact us quickly to schedule your event!


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