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Introducing Membership

We are so excited to launch our new membership platform! A lot of people have wanted to help us in getting our message of freedom out to more people. We finally have a way that you guys can do that! We also wanted a way to connect even more with everyone and membership is a great way.

We currently offer two levels of membership. Stale & Sour Gold and Stale & Sour Sponsor. Each one offers a similar group of bonuses, but the Gold level gives you just a little more. Here is a breakdown of what you receive when you become a member.

#1- Stale & Sour Sponsor- at this level you help by giving $5 each month for 6 months. What you get in return is pretty cool! We will give you:

> behind the scenes access to video footage while we are in studio

> early access to new audio clips of our latest recordings

> your name put on our website and our Facebook page as a sponsor

Pretty cool huh?! And we have a forum for members only where you can ask questions and give us feedback! Its gonna be great!

#2- Stale & Sour Gold- at this level you give a one time gift of $200. And that $200 is enough to sponsor a song on the album! We will give you:

> everything that the Stale & Sour Sponsor receives, PLUS

> your name listed as a sponsor on our actual CD case, AND

> we'll send you a signed copy of the CD for free when it's finished!!

If this is something you'd like to be a part of, then let us know! We'd love for you to join us! Send us an email at today!

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