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Back to Me

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Do you wish life was going the way it “should” go? Your bank account should look like ___, your Husband should be ___, your mom should have ___. Finger pointing is keeping you stuck! And it’s WRECKING your relationships. All of those things are what SOMEONE ELSE “should” be doing. But what about you? What could you do to improve your life? And what is the REAL thing that you are wanting? Chances are its not the “should list" that pops in your mind when chaos ensues. Thats just your knee jerk REACTION. GUESS WHAT??? When I ask people what they REALLY want, most people’s brains go BLANK! They don’t even know what they desire. YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU WANT. Because it’s multiple levels below the surface of failed attempts, disappointments, and shattered dreams. It’s time to define what your desires actually ARE. It’s time for you to decide, “I’m going to bring life Back to Me. I’m no longer playing the blame game.” Get ready to open yourself up to the inconceivable, impossible, and the supernatural. There is more possible than you could ever dream up! It’s time to stop getting tripped up on the “how” and get to the bottom of what it is that you actually desire. That’s when life will stop feeling like it’s happening TO you and you’ll realize that it is happening because of YOU.

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